Any used vehicle imported into Australia must be free of asbestos and below is a link regarding these measures imposes by Australian Customs. Australia did in fact sign this Zero Tolerance Asbestos agreement in 2003 but only now being enforced.

As of Monday, 6th March 2017, and without prior notification, the Australian Border Force (ABF) have implemented a new community protection question when lodging import declarations for all motor vehicle tariff codes as follows:

 Do the goods contain asbestos ?

This may relate to brake linings, clutch linings, brake disc pads, gaskets, seals or any other parts of the vehicle

Licensed Customs Brokers are required to exercise due diligence in obtaining assurance from importers that the goods do not contain asbestos prior to answering the question. False declarations may lead to penalties being imposed and mandatory testing with those costs.

The majority of Motor Vehicle manufacturers worldwide prohibited the use of Asbestos components in vehicles from the late 1990’s so vehicles after this year will comply.

As the importer, it is your responsibility to ensure your vehicle is not fitted with Asbestos components. If unsure check with your local workshop/mechanic or supplier and a statement from them as supporting evidence if required. If unsure would recommend replacing these parts and require a statement / invoice from that workshop/mechanic or supplier. Also attached is the Asbestos Declaration that needs your signature stating No Asbestos components in this motor vehicle being imported into Australia.

  1. Who is the legal importer,is it the licence customs broker doing the importing for you or you as the owner of the vehicle.thanks pete.

    1. The importer is the legal importer as they own the vehicle. If the customs broker does no show due diligence in ensuring declarations provided by the importer are valid then they are at risk of penalties from customs as well. We now arrange pre export asbestos testing on all pre 2000 vehicles by mutually recognised NATA approved testing facilities overseas. Later model vehicles manufactured after 2000 would not contain asbestos but need to ensure any parts fitted since manufacture do not contain asbestos.So only one way to be sure and that is pre export testing before shipping to Australia.

      1. Dominic, this is sheer lunacy and an impossible ask. We cannot be expected to know the existence of asbestos in ANY motor car. This is un-acceptable at any level of scrutiny. It is a fools folly to have initiated such a demand. This is so out of line there must be a challenge to this foolishness and have this joke of a situation removed, never to be heard of again. Is anyone challenging this yet?

        1. Unless all the Australian car clubs and importers rally together nothing will happen.

          However to lobby Government all costs money and that is where it starts.


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